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Of course the Internet is a great way to get more information about almost any subject. But sometimes all you want is a great book to read while you curl up on a couch. This section of Odessa Pages helps you find and buy books that are related to Odessa or authors born there. If you know a good book about Odessa that's not listed here, please let me know.

The Odessa Pages Books takes part in the Amazon.com associates program and the Barnes & Noble associates program, so when you buy any books listed on these pages, part of the price will go towards supporting Odessa Pages. So whether you want to support the Barnes & Noble associates program, the Amazon associates program, the Odessa Pages web site or just want to find out more about our beautiful city - take a look at our recommendations.

Odessans - a lot of famous writers where born in Odessa or had a close connection to the city. This is where you can find books written by or about them.

History - even though Odessa has officially been a city for a little over 200 years it already has a lot of stories to tell.

Jewish - Odessa has a long and rich Jewish history, this section contains books related to the history and life of Jews in Odessa.

Genealogy - if your ancestors come from Odessa or you want to find ways to search for your relatives take a look at our selection of genealogy books.

Travel guides - planning a trip to Odessa or Ukraine in general? Hopefully these resources will help you along the way.

Suggest a book - just read a good book about Odessa and don't see it here? Suggest it and I'll add it to the list.


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