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I have eliminated the old "Guestbook" and "Classifieds" sections in favor of a bulletin board and an Odessa Pages group at Yahoo! GroupsTM. I hope that this section will become more interactive and interesting for everyone. Or, if you just want to reminisce, take a look at our guestbook archive.

Bulletin Board and Odessa Pages Group guidelines

  • These boards are strictly Odessa related. That's Odessa, Ukraine, not Odessa, TX.
  • No advertising of any kind is permitted, although you may post links to other Odessa related websites.
  • Any messages containing profanities and/or offensive material will be deleted.
  • Use of HTML in messages is not permitted.

Bulletin Board - The bulletin board has been provided by ProBoards.com, and it's not located on this site.

Odessa Pages Group - The Odessa Pages Group has been provided by Yahoo! GroupsTM, and is not located on this site. The group allows you to post messages, put up your photos, links, and chat in real time.

Odessa ICQ Chat - The chat room is now Java based and can be accessed from this site (in the form of a Java applet).


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