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July, 1997 - December, 1999

Alla Shrayman (Lerer) - 12/18/99 01:10:46
My Email:shraika6369@aol.com
Where are you from?: New York (originally Odessa)

Privet vipysknikam 119 shkoli 1977-1987 ot Shraiki. Osobiy privet vsem s Frantsa Meringa 64 I love you all.

Igor Belaya - 12/13/99 01:09:48
My Email:grafbelaya@aol.com
Where are you from?: New York

It is great to be here. I am looking for my friendse from 2 or 103 school. all the best.

Vitali - 12/03/99 07:35:56
My Email:shor_ark@bental.co.il
Where are you from?: Israel

I'm looking for my friend Bodnar Andrew.If anyone know he's E-mail,please,tell me.

Olga Kronberg - 11/12/99 05:12:14
My Email:olga_george@hotmail.com
Where are you from?:Vancouver,Canada


Alex Krasner - 10/31/99 23:36:12
My Email:Alex_Kresner@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Toronto, Canada

You have to be born there, if you want to love this city, I hope real Odessites would understand me, 'cause I was born there! And i love it

Irina Popovici - 10/27/99 11:44:24
My Email:irina_24@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Ýzmir, Turkey

I'm looking for my school frend Veneta Todorova from Vulkaneshtý (Moldavia), who lives in Odessa now. Nice site.

Vladimir Segal - 10/21/99 23:24:45
My Email:vis@stratos.net
Where are you from?: Odessa


Helen Rast - 10/20/99 04:18:01
Where are you from?: Calgary, Alberta Canada

I once met someone frome Odessa, and had hoped to find their name on your Icq list. I'll look again.

Lena Guralnik - 10/14/99 04:29:15
My Email:LE112895@msn.com
Where are you from?: Philadelphia, PA


Vivienne Shilkin - 10/05/99 00:55:54
My Email:vivshilkin@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Melbourne, Australia

I've been told my maternal grandmother was from Odessa. Her name was Rachel Zelicovitch (Zelacovitch?? - unsure of correct spelling) and she would have been born in the mid 1800s. The family moved to Palestine and settled there. My grandmother and her s ster came to Perth Western Australia and lived there until they passed away. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

elena romanova - 10/02/99 05:10:57
My Email:ezhilivostov
Where are you from?: Odessa, Ukraine

Chotelos' bi naiti starich drusei!!!!

Ellan - 09/30/99 19:14:23
My Email:eli55@atu.com.au
Where are you from?: odessa. sydney.

Privet vsem Odesitam. Mne 44 goda. Ya zil na Moldovanke i uchilsya v shkole #2 a potom v #118. Uechal 20 let nazad.zivu v Avstralii. Otzavites kto menya pomnit, ili kto mozet uchilsya, zil ryadom u nas mogut okazatsya opshii znakomie. zdu otvet.

Natasha Kuplevatskaya (Podkaminer) - 09/15/99 17:59:43
My URL:http://www.envest.com
My Email:natalie@envest.com
Where are you from?: San Francisco, CA, USA

Great site! Thanks for the wonderful service! Natasha

Bulashevska Alla - 09/14/99 12:25:30
My Email:bulashev@lion-ag.de
Where are you from?: Odessa

Privet vsem, kogo snala i kto menja eshe pomnit. Osobennyj privet vypusknikam shkoly 119 i OGU.

Olga Shterenshis (Pasternak) - 09/12/99 21:32:58
My Email:jurip34@geocities.com
Where are you from?: Holland

I am looking for my friends from 52 or 92 School and from OTPA (AK-24)

Marina Katsap ( Kubricenko ) - 08/22/99 12:34:06
My Email:marat@xpoint.at
Where are you from?: Austria

I am looking for my friends from 101 School ( Tschkalowa ul.) All the best....

Nadezda Schuravetsky - Korn - 08/18/99 20:04:42
My Email:nkorn@pwj.com
Where are you from?: New Jersey

School #101 1974-1997, PedIn 1997-1982, B. Fontan stations 8, 9, 13, 14 1971-1882. Looking for Yury Blumenthol of Odessa U. and 'Zeleny Ugolok'. Also Bogdan from Poetry Club at PedIn.

Andrew McNulty - 08/15/99 13:27:55
My URL:http://www.cgocable.net/~mcnulty/family
My Email:andymcn@cgocable.net
Homepage Name: McNulty home page
Where are you from?: Odessa, ONT, CA

Good page

Inna Kesler (Shertsis) - 08/05/99 20:44:48
My Email:ikesler@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: Inna
Where are you from?: New York

I'm looking for my friends Raisa, Lina, Misha, Natasha Xalfin. They lived on Chelyuskintsev 2, apt 14. If somebody knows their phone number, please e-mail it to me. Thanks.

Katia Mimkha - 07/28/99 23:45:57
My Email:kvita@aol.com
Where are you from?: 5aya Stantsiya Bolshogo Fontana

I loved your site. I wish i was able to look for people by their present location. Thank you.

Ronald Jordan - 07/09/99 07:42:01
My Email:bering @alaska.net
Where are you from?: Anchorage, Alaska

Past resident in 69, Grad from OHS same year.

Daniel C. Laurich - 06/21/99 23:34:42
My Email:dcrichdan@netscape.net
Where are you from?: 6219 So. Lake Gulch Rd., Castle Rock, CO.80104

I have met and talked to some wonderful people from this area, I would some day like to visit Odessa, to see for my eyes this historical and beautiful area along the Black Sea. I am of Slovanian heritage and I'm interested historically in Europe and Russia. My brother, now retired, was a professor at a university in Australia. He has lectures in Russia, Ukraine, China and Europe. Thank you, Daniel C. Laurich

lerner alex - 06/21/99 21:35:45
My Email:sanler72@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Israel

Privet vsem!!! seychas 10 let kak mi zakonchili shcool 43 POZDRAVLYU !!!Ishu vseh(Snaydermana...)

ralph cox - 06/21/99 19:27:31
My URL:http://www.webspawner.com/users/xuxa/
My Email:tiffanimaberthiessen@excite.com
Homepage Name: Xuxa tv shows
Where are you from?: New Jersey

I am a fan of The Bee Gees,and was wondering if the song Odessa has anything to do with your city.

Charles Krahmalkov (Krakhmalnikov) - 06/17/99 17:59:34
My Email:crkrah@umich.edu
Where are you from?: Ann Arbor, Michigan

I am looking for persons named Krakhmalnikov from Odessa and its vicinity. My family owned the candy factory "Brothers Krakhmalnikov" in Odessa.

Jenny Bryantseva - 06/08/99 16:53:31
My Email:nalai00@aol.com
Where are you from?: Los Angeles

I think this is a great idea, keep it up!

Sasha Gluzman - 06/08/99 14:51:50
My Email:agluzman@wavepath.com/agluzman@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: Odessa, now San Jose, Ca, Schools 90, 74

Privet vsem odessitam, esli menya kto-to znayet, mozete e-mail mne. Ya zil na Tairovo, Sverdlova ugol Yaroslavskogo, Franza Meringa, voobshem vezde. Uchilsya v 90 i 74 schkolah. Looking for anybody who knows me:)

Leo - 06/08/99 05:29:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/5472/index.html
My Email:L4100@aol.com
Homepage Name: My Cuba Homepage
Where are you from?: Cuba...(Live in N.J.)

This page has given me some ideas on how to improve my own page. Great page! -Leo-

Konstantin Rumyantsev - 05/15/99 04:14:52
My URL:http://www.gl.umbc.edu/~krumya1
My Email:krumya1@gl.umbc.edu
Where are you from?: Owings Mills, MD

Hello, anyone from school 117 and Politech. Who studied there in 1989-92. Particulary Alex Shwartzman and Slavik Raich.

Alexander Nomerovsky - 05/11/99 03:28:10
My URL:http://wwp.icq.com/38036065
My Email:nomerovsky@idirect.com
Where are you from?: Toronto

vse kto zhil Kosmonavtov/Tereshkovoy ili uchilsya v school#25 mezhdu 1977 i 1994 ili prosto menya pomnit,ostavte soobschenie na e-mail nomerovsky@idirect.com zzhdu!!!!

Dmitriy Sonis - 05/09/99 05:27:44
My Email:ds19509n@Pace.edu
Where are you from?: ODECCA---->Brooklyn, NY

Great site, very well organized, very good I left ODECCA in 1994. Looking for all my friends from "G" class school #72.

Igor Desyatnikov - 05/05/99 13:06:01
My Email:id10@cornell.edu
Where are you from?: Odessa -> New York -> now temporarily London

Odessiti vseh stran soedinyajtes'!

Kogan Boris - 05/03/99 01:29:53
My Email:kogan.boris@worldnet.att.net
Where are you from?: Lindenhurst NY USA

Looking for my friends who still remember me.Left Odessa in1979.Graduated school #101 in 1967.OMY MMF in1971.

Ramon N. Peeler - 04/28/99 06:01:44
My Email:peeler1@gte.net
Where are you from?: California

I'm new to the net, I'm always curious about Odessa where my grandfather grew up in the late 19th century. His name was Fredrick Renner. He often reminisced about the beauty of his german village. As a child he could look over the wall and watch the Tsa s' troops training. He loved the grapes and talked about the wonderful wines of the region. He came to America just before the Russo-Japanese War. I would like to hear from any Renners who may remain in the region of Odessa.

James Beard - 04/27/99 07:26:05
My URL:http://homepages.go.com/~christalone1/index.html
My Email:jbpro2@webtv.net
Homepage Name: Jim's people page!
Where are you from?: Kent, Washington

Great site! I have friend finders on My homepage!

Gregory Charko - 04/27/99 06:17:36
My Email:qcboris@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Saskatoon, Canada

This page is a great idea! I wish very much to meet someone from odessa. I returned from odessa in august/98, and would like to go back. Beautiful city!! If you wish to chat, give me and email.

Lilia Krimatat - 04/22/99 01:37:14
My Email:leahr@ozemail.com.au
Where are you from?: I was born in Odessa now in Sydney Australia

Thank you for this page. I hope to fund my friends Ella and Marik Korostin. They living in Odessa. The older daughter's name is Marina.Also friends from Odessa living in Chigago Emma and Misha Zeitlin. Masha and Grisha Reznikov used to live in NY. My dear old friend i miss you. 24 years ago i left my beautiful Odessa and my heart is there.

Albina Grigorova (Frisht) - 04/17/99 11:40:36
My Email:Albina@one.net.au
Where are you from?: Australia

Looking for school friends, graduation year 1979, school 47. Also looking for Misha Rehelman, left Odessa about 20 or more years ago, lived in Shrivport. Drop a line if remember me. Bye now.

Felix - 04/17/99 10:05:03
My URL:http://olim.da.ru
Where are you from?: Haifa

Ya sam iz Kishineva, poetomu chasto byval v Odesse. Mnogo xoroshix vospominanii. Teper' zhivu v Israile i priglashayu na site izrail'skix studentov http://olim.da.ru Yspexov!!!

Vladimir Doisan - 04/15/99 15:15:32
My Email:vladimir@nypenn.net
Where are you from?: Formerly Odessa, now Johnson City, NY, USA

Hi All. I went to school # 17 on Poselok Kotovskogo, in 1 - 9G class untill May 1994. My class rook was Anadoly Anna Pavlovna. I lived on Bocharova Street # 38 across from Rodnichok. Anyone who knew me or not email me to vladimir@nypenn.net See ay all on the net. Vlad

Oleg Tsukerman - 04/15/99 07:13:49
My URL:http://people.we.mediaone.net/olegt/home.htm
My Email:olegt@mediaone.net
Homepage Name: My Web
Where are you from?: Odessa

Looking for anyone who went to Shkola #92 between 1970-1978...

Ed Gravley - 04/07/99 21:01:10
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/~EdGravley
My Email:EdGravley@yahoo.com
Homepage Name: Mike Schwartzenberger's Family
Where are you from?: El Paso, Texas USA

We are looking for ancestors of Michael Schwartzenberger & Barbara ?Pflinger?, born in Odessa, Russia Joseph Fettig & Barbara Mauch, born in Strausburg, Russia.

Gennadiy Makhlyagin - 04/05/99 05:26:53
My Email:axodessa@collegeclub.com
Where are you from?: California-now, Odessa-Always!!!

Looking for anybody from Odessa...( Shkola # 63, # 33, OMU # 3) Tairova... Lets talk...

Lester Libby - 04/04/99 22:22:44
My Email:llibby@computerhut.net
Where are you from?: Versailles,Mo. 65084

Looking for Tanusha she works as a chief-accountant,and has a cat named Koozya.If you read this write soon.Thanks.

Lilya Fishtik - 03/31/99 19:12:27
My Email:memka@yahoo.com
Where are you from?:Odessa, Ukraine

I like the page "Ring" Thanks to everyone who did it!!! I love Odessa.

Felix Fidler - 03/29/99 06:12:34
My Email:felip14@Worldnet.att.net
Where are you from?: Originally from Odessa (now Boston, USA)

This is GREAT IDEA !!!!!
I LOVE you Odessa!!!
I MISS you Odessa!!!
I hope to see you Odessa again!!!
Guys who knew me - feel free to write me.

David Samaha - 03/17/99 21:57:44
My Email:DSa1801796@aol.com
Where are you from?: Houston,Texas. USA

I have been speaking with a couple of ladies from the Ukraine is it possible for us to speak in a chat mode. I would thank you very much if you would let me know.

Dina Ostashko - 03/09/99 12:11:43
My Email:odina567@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: still Odessa

Thanks for this page. I am working with Odessa information advertising agency and will try to help someone from your "guest room". You are right: Odessa is something unforgettable. In some days, April 1, it will be "hub of the universe" . In any time people love this city.

Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer - 03/07/99 18:20:10
My Email:mreisenaue@aol.com
Where are you from?: San Bruno, California USA

I was wondering if you had any passenger lists of Odessa Region? Particilarly of the German Russians. Thanks! Mary Ellen

Maria Ivanova - 03/04/99 18:01:23
Where are you from?: I was born in Odessa, but now I live in Houston.Tx

I'm only searching this site because I'm looking for my daddy because lives in Odessa or I hope and still believe that he still there maybe you could help me find him

Pashka Karpolyuk - 02/26/99 22:08:59
My Email:pashka245@hotmail.com
Where are you from?:Odessa Ak. Zabolotnogo 24, now in USA, California, Sacramento

Whas up Odesssity??? Kak delishki bratishki...(devchonok tak-zhe)??? Kak tam Odessa-Mama??? Bsem privet kto znaval takogo Pashku!!!! Shkola#40, kak zhizn'???? Yakov Efimovich vas tak zhe C HOBbIM GODOM.... GYDZbIK, SAMATEY, NIKITA, BYTSbIK, KOLYAN, GENA AZYR, YRA RbIZHIY, KUSHNIR SANYA, VALERA B......i td, i tp vsem zdorov ...... u menya vse v norme... Pishite, bratva vsegda rad ne zabyvaite... BCEM ydachi, i.....do vstrechi.!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to school #40, kto pomnit, ne zazhiryaites' i napishite paru strochek na e-mail. Budu premnogo blagodaren...

Alexander Geller - 02/11/99 03:02:11
My Email:strelok@aol.com
Where are you from?: Odessa

Kto nibud' iz OZPS byvshix i nyneshnix, a tak zhe personal'no Slavik Voloskov, ne stesnyaites', e-mail mne s privetom. Sasha Geller.

Bogdan - 02/10/99 06:17:19
My Email:bogdanusa@netscape.net
Where are you from?: Odessa , 58 Kosmonautov Str. Now in New York

It's very good - to read all information in English ( because we are in America) BUT ..... Odessa is Odessa and not all people from Odessa ( odessites) have enough English skills. It's no so expensive to provide in Russian other text . Thank you .

Evgeniya Krylova - 02/03/99 00:54:32
My Email:eugenia@asturvia.cajastur.es
Where are you from?: Estestvenno,ODESSA!

Privet vsem! Esli kto-to znaet menya, pishite (shkola 117, potom peduchilische, potom modelnoye agenstvo). 1971 god r.Esli kto-to znaet, gde naxoditsya ELENA ABRAMOVICH, 15.01.1971 goda r., napishite, pozjaluysta. Vsex nashix tseluyu!

Dmitry Grinberg - 02/02/99 08:37:35
My Email:dimka94@aol.com
Where are you from?: Los Angeles

If my name rings a bell, please e-mail me. School 63 1982-1991 School 56 1991-1992 OPU 1992-1994

Anna (maiden name, Gelman) and Eduard Skhisov - 01/31/99 19:52:01
My Email:eduard_skhisov@mail.amsinc.com
Where are you from?: Odessa

Anna went to school #107 and Eduard went to school #119. If you remember us, do not hesitate to write.

Boris lomov - 01/28/99 15:03:26
My Email:lomov@tm.net.my
Where are you from?: Malaysia

I think your idea of this site is great. It'll be wonderful to hear from fellow odessans. So if you have any newsletter or mail from alumni of school 53 or OGU (my year of birth is '68) do forward it to me. Regards to fellow Odessans. Boris.

Victor Corral - 01/27/99 23:38:03
My Email:aperturarh@ciudad.com.ar
Where are you from?: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solicito ayuda a quien pueda hacerlo para ponerme en contacto con el Hospital Filatos de Odessa, Sufro de "mancha de Fuks, rotura de vasos sanguíneos en la retina que producen heridas que reducen mi visión. Respuestas en Inglés o Castellano, Ucraniano o Ruso. Gracias

Lyonya - 01/16/99 02:43:01
My URL:http://www.soccer.ru/dk/vefl/index.html?divID=div1
Where are you from?: Odessa

ODESSITY. POMOGITE vyigrat' svoej futbol'noj komande. Prosto zajdite na vysheukazanuyu stranicu, naberite v levom verhnem uglu nomer, kotoryj ukazan ryadom s oknom, gde nado nabrat' i kliknite na myachik naprotiv Chernomorca. Proyavim solidarnost'!

Yevgeny Korsunsky - 01/13/99 23:17:14
My URL:http://www.jps.net/gkorsuns
My Email:genekor@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: I am from Odessa. Now live in San Francisco

Very nice page! I was in school #107 in Odessa, and left in 1989. Would like to find my schoolmates... Bcem Privet.

Denis "the Menace" Dvoirin - 01/13/99 09:23:46
My Email:denisthemenace@metscape.net
Where are you from?: Odessa mama, now in Torornto

I was browsing the net and by accident came upon your page and while here decided to check my old schools (52) page . To my great surprise i found an old friend to whom i havent spoken in almost 10 years......Thanks for being here for us Its like home away from home.

Luba Rudnitskaya - 12/28/98 12:18:41
My Email:vika@cia.com.au
Where are you from?: Germany ( Ex-Ukraine)


Ilona - 12/27/98 19:48:03
My Email:lilies555@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: none
Where are you from?: ODESSA

I am originally from Odessa and now I study in the University in Tampa,Fl. My family is still back home. If any of you people from Odessa are anywhere in Florida it would be fun to talk to you in the way that only Odessits can talk. By the way, Odessa is the best place on the face of this Earth.

Steve Austin - 12/25/98 20:20:10
My URL:http://www.digitalblacksmith.com
My Email:steveaustin@digitalblacksmith.com
Homepage Name: Digital Blacksmith - Web Development - Web Site Design

Great site keep it up

Ilona Ostrumskaya - 12/21/98 21:22:08
My Email:lono4ka1@aol.com
Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY

Privet vsem Odessitam! I love this page. I came from Odessa in 1991, and studied in school #72. Who knows me ==> can e-mail me, I'll be glad to hear from you guys.

Dan Weissmann - 12/11/98 04:41:36
My URL:http://mypage.direct.ca/d/dwdwone/
My Email:txmaster@dallas.net
Where are you from?: Dallas, Texas

I'm looking for a street in Odessa called Val'tukh's Villa. Has anyone ever heard of this street? Does anyone know if there is a detailed Odessa map on the web? Spaseeba

Morris Tseitlin - 12/03/98 04:02:55
My Email:bigdadmo@aol.com
Where are you from?: Chicago, IL

Great page! Keep up the good work! Love the info, postcards and music!

Vadim Bodik - 12/02/98 14:32:29
My Email:vbodik@schicktech.com
Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY, USA

If you remember me from school #28 na Cheryomushkah, send me an e-mail

Yura Poklyak - 12/02/98 00:04:49
My Email:ypoklyak@stratos.net
Where are you from?: Celeveland, OH, USA

Privet BCEM BAM! KlaCCHaya stranitsa! Ya Yura Poklyak, i dusha moya Ogecca - mama ;-) Xodil v shkoly #117, #53... Mnogo druzey iz #119! Esli kto znaet menya - e-mail me... Ya ischu neskol'ko rebyat: Igor Kalenderyan, Dima Boyako, Kostin, Shapovalov, Flyah, Nastya Poshibailo i mnogix drugix ! Pishite pis'ma melkim pocherkom! Ciao, Yura

Arnold Nasyrov - 11/26/98 23:40:30
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Lagoon/6632
My Email:arnold76@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: Scorpion's Lair
Where are you from?: Odessa Ukraine live in Annapolis Md USA

Was born in Odessa Ukraine 1976 left to US in 1990 Went to Schools 107, 43 If you remember me write me!!!

Alex Goretsky - 11/25/98 22:31:56
My URL:http://www.usamerchant.com
My Email:alex@usamerchant.com
Homepage Name:USA Merchant Center
Where are you from?:Odessa, Ukraine

I left Odessa in 1977, I was only 11. Went to school #68. Call you know me.

Lyudmila Goreshnik - 11/21/98 22:48:06
My Email:Mila1966@aol.com or Leoskor@aol.com
Where are you from?: Odessa, Ukraine

All People who was in school # 26 Komsomolskaya 32 and know me plese write me,I will answering you!I was in E.U Shehelnitskaya class.

Larry Wyner - 11/17/98 16:16:23
My Email:lwyner@camcare.com
Where are you from?: Charleston, WV, USA

I am a second-generation American who is trying to explore my roots in Odessa! My great-grandfather was Joshua Yanpolsky, I believe born about 1863, and who died around 1899 of pneumonia or TB, I'm not sure which. I think he was in the metals business. My grandfather Leo emigrated to Brooklyn, NY around 1903 at the age of 16. His mother remarried a man named Weiner. She made reference to an Israel Berenblatt, but I don't know his relation to us. Grandpa Leo met my Grandma Rose (daughter of Jacob Derechinsky, who emigrated with his family from Zhitomir about the same time) while working at the National Biscuit Company in Brooklyn (now Nabisco). He had an Uncle Nicholas (Nissl) who took him in before he was married. If our names sound familiar to anyone, I'd appreciate hearing from you!

Krik - 11/16/98 02:54:33
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Krik_2/
My Email:aga_3@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: DDT
Where are you from?: Odessa

Est kto nibud iz 39 shkoli?

Diana Kleyman - 10/27/98 07:16:35
My Email:Diana74k@aol.com
Homepage Name: none
Where are you from?: Odessa school# 26

vse kto mena znaut pojalysta pishite v odesse jila na yl. mekoiana(sadekovskogo)37

Karolina - 10/22/98 20:41:37
My Email:Linna_1@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Boston, MA

Everybody who remembers me, email me..... Also everybody from school 69 contact me.......

David Novack - 10/14/98 20:16:31
My Email:Novacats@aol.com
Where are you from?: Brooklyn, NY

I am looking for old photos, letters and newspaper clippings about Odessa before and during the revolution for a documentary film that I am producing, Songs of Odessa. I can pay a fee for images that make it into the final edit of the film, destined for BS in 1999. Please respond if you have information that may help me in my search. Thank you.

Lance McDaniel - 10/04/98 06:12:32
My Email:lancem@hutchtel.net
Where are you from?: Hutchinson, Minnesota USA

Just checking stuff out here! Wondering if there is a list for the town of Belgorod?

Bill Stone - 10/03/98 23:19:48
My Email:thestone44@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Huntington, WV USA

Departing for Odessa on October 13, 98...can't wait to get there. Your site is very helpful!

Igor Gelman - 09/27/98 23:46:17
My URL:http://ouray.cudenver.edu/~igelman/index.htm
My Email:igelman@ouray.cudenver.edu
Homepage Name: Welcome to Igor's Home Page
Where are you from?: Odessa, Ukraine

I came to USA in November of 1991. I studied in school #107. If you think you know me, feel free to email me.

Tatyana Burdan ( Radulova ) - 09/21/98 16:30:47
My Email:solnishko68@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Boston MA USA

skool # 69, 10 B klass. Budu rada esli menya pomnyat.Prekrassnaya rabota, vi molodci.

Mary Stringer - 09/20/98 00:45:37
My Email:mstring2@aol.com or ICQ#17316658
Where are you from?: Spokane, WA C.W.A., living now in Texas

I am from the U.S.A., but my grandfather is from Odessa. His name was Eugene Kraft. He died in 1939 or 1940. His last name was "americanized" shortened when he came to the States with his sister, Lydia. His father was Markus Kraft (Kraftovic?). I know many records were destroyed in the revolution, but is there a way to do research, or find any relatives in Odessa?

Alla Kaner - 09/10/98 15:59:54
My Email:allacra@aol.com
Where are you from?: Buffalo Grove, IL

I would like to find Inga Senchenko and anybody from School #56 born in 1969

Alla Kaner - 09/10/98 15:58:32
My Email:allacra@aol.com
Where are you from?: Buffalo Grove, IL


Yury Vayman - 09/02/98 23:06:55
My Email:yvayman@realtech.com
Where are you from?: Clifton, NJ, USA

Thanks for having an odessa site. I was wondering if you could post odeskie anekdoti. spasibo:)

Olga Chuda - 08/25/98 00:31:46
My Email:olgac@homag.ca
Where are you from?: Toronto, Canada

I was born in Canada but both my parents were born in Lviv. Am planning a trip in Sept. to visit mother's family. Would love to chat with anyone in Ukraine.

Overheyden Rudy - 08/18/98 20:53:02
My URL:http://wwp.mirabilis.com/17277603
My Email:overheyden@mail.bmedia.be
Homepage Name: ???
Where are you from?: BELGIUM

it's great to communicate with you all. my english is not fantastic i speek french and i am learning russian and ukrainian an i need to now how i can use cyrillic in e-mail to try to communicate in russian with you all and find my friends in KARKOV and LV V help me please Rudy

Ruslan Krichevskiy - 08/10/98 04:53:58
My Email:Russ.Krichevskiy@mci2000.com
Where are you from?: US, RI, left odessa in 1997

Looking for my old friends From "Vuzovsky" school #83 Ptu #17

Knyazev Lana (Podobuev Svetlana) - 08/07/98 11:11:16
My Email:sk014082@discovery.fhda.edu
Where are you from?: Was born in Odessa. Used to live in Israel . Now - California, USA

WOW! It's geat! Perhaps I could find somebody from my schools: #35 (1976-83), #55 (1983-84)? P.S. People, I need your help! Do you know any Webpage for searching long-long lost relatives Worldwide? If so, E-mail me the one( or more ). My Grandma, who lives in Israel, hopelessly was trying to find her cousins or their children in USA, Canada and (don't laugh!) in ISRAEL.... Feiga FASTOVSKY(Kramer)+Riva,Roza,Ida (1926-29)went to Israel; DUBINSKY Duvid (Mahlia KRAMER(Fishlin)'s half-brother)- USA(or CANADA). SOKOLSKY family... After 1941 we lost any contact with them.

Tamara - 08/03/98 17:32:42
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/tx/tamarac/
My Email:carman@viptx.net
Homepage Name: My Little Space on the Web
Where are you from?: Odessa, TX USA

I enjoyed reading about the beautiful city that my home town was named after. It's sort of a joke because Odessa, TX (USA) is anything but beautiful but it was a nice place to grow up. I would love for you to read about my city and the school I attende there.

Vika Z - 07/21/98 21:36:47
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/9670/
My Email:sheissweet@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: OdessaGirl
Where are you from?: Los Angeles

Very nice homepage. Especially great for former residents of Odessa. I hope you keep doing so great on your Web Site. Waiting for updates. Good Luck, VIka, LA, California

Budnyak Leonid - 07/10/98 20:31:51
My Email:sunpower@techst02.technion.ac.il
Where are you from?: Haifa,Israel

Privet vsem moim druz'yam i osobenno zhene,kotoraya seichas v Odesse. Privet NELE MEDVETSKOI.

David (Chalif) Thomson - 07/10/98 20:26:32
My Email:DavidT8116@aol.com
Where are you from?: Connecticut

Hello, Seeking information about family. Lazar Chalif, ballet master at Opera House (Opera and Ballet Company) He came to America in 1905 ot 1906. Also, any information about Odessa family Chazanovitch (Maximillian) and the Sandlers. Poila remained i Odessa and was married to Greisha Rosenzweig. Most grateful for help.

Arkady Kuznetsov - 07/10/98 20:04:01
My Email:sandreon@techst02.technion.ac.il
Where are you from?: Israel,Haifa.

V Odese zhil na kirova 70. U4ilsya v 119. Uehal v Israel v 1995 po programme NAALE 16. Byl by rad naiti svoih mnogo4islennyh druzei.

Yan Makeyev a.k.a. Orzik - 07/10/98 19:43:05
My Email:yanmak@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: from 1993 Bronx, New York.

Nice page.Thanks if U know me write to me...uchilsia 14, 49, 121, Medin.

Alexander S. Podol'tsev - 07/09/98 10:46:03
My URL:http://www.chat.ru/~r116
My Email:asp@reol3.itmo.by
Homepage Name: Ęëóá "116"
Where are you from?: Minsk

Attention to School 116, Odessa: see homepage "club 116" http://www.chat.ru/~r116

Roy Greene - 07/08/98 08:10:48
My URL:http://www.crcwnet.com
My Email:rgreene@crcwnet.com
Where are you from?: Washinton State, USA

If anyone sees Olya Manzyuk, and son Egor...Tell them Royushka is Coming to Odessa, September 30, 1998. Thank you.

Edward Krakhmalnikov - 07/03/98 14:45:09
My URL:coming soon
My Email:coming soon
Where are you from?: odessa, now living north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA

will write back later when i have e-mail. great site. i can't believe i can believe i can be near odessa even if i'm so far away. thanks

Igor Sheyn - 06/25/98 20:08:19
My Email:igor.sheyn@kla-tencor.com
Where are you from?: Odessa!!!

Now I am living in San Francisco. In Odessa Ilived on Fr.Meringa corner Gorkodo (Nezinskaya and Spiridonovskaya)

Alex Gaidukov - 06/24/98 09:42:04
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Underground/8990/
My Email:Bean@for-president.com
Homepage Name: Don't eat the yellow snow
Where are you from?: Rotterdam, Netherlands

I don't remember what school I went to when I lived in Odessa, but it was somewhere at "8th Stantsia Fontana" (for the insiders). But it does'n really matter... So, I wasn't really looking for someone, but was just browsing. However, it be nice to hear from some of you. CU

Natasha Z. Hensel (Dzulinskaya-birth name) - 06/22/98 13:39:17
My Email:NHense@uhc.com
Where are you from?: Hartford, CT formerly Odessa

Correction to my previous message. I am looking for Edik Dzulinskey - close approximation of the name. He should be in his early to mid fifties and had a daughter from a first marriage in 1968. I am her. Would like to find out more information about p ssible relatives. I can be reached at the above email address or by snail mail: P.O. Box 1078, South Windsor, CT 06074. Spasiba, Natasha

Natasha Z. Hensel (Dzulinskaya) - 06/22/98 13:29:49
My Email:NHense@uhc.com
Where are you from?: Odessa, Ukraine

I would like to find an idividual connected to my family who mights still reside in Odessa. My family and I left more than 18 years ago, when I was still a child.

Oleg Fliter - 06/15/98 21:53:20
My Email:olegdhae@linux.zrz.tu-berlin.de

Wsem kto menja snaet ogromniy privet!! Kto ne snaet toshe!!

Ralf - 06/13/98 21:11:09
My Email:rasakuha@wtal.de
Where are you from?: Wuppertal / Germany (that's near cologne and dusseldorf)

Where are you ? All of you famous people (girls !!! or boys !) from Odessa ! What about getting in contact ? I'm looking for people to talk about russia, germany, and for all the things that do living the way it is ! I'm waiting for your reply ! Living ain''t easy ! But that's the way life goes ! Tell me, more facts about me to follow !

Mikhail Plyam - 06/09/98 20:40:31
My Email:mishapl@gte.net
Where are you from?:Los Angeles, California

Very good and useful pages. I am trying to find my old friends Boris Armer & Grisha Karkuchansky.

Yuri Kruglyak - 05/31/98 11:04:44
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/eureka/plaza/4555/
My Email:quantum@farlep.net
Homepage Name: Kruglyak Family Office
Where are you from?: Odessa, Ukraine

Help me to find Marina Orlova from Odessa. She must be now in New Zealand somewhere. Those who want to learn modern Odessa life might visit "Featured Contents of All Current Odessa WWW Servers" page odessa_servers.html of my site above.

George Krooglik - 05/30/98 13:51:50
My Email:http://www.cherishmomentsvideo@bigpond.com.au
Where are you from?: Sydney, Australia

I am interested in having contact with ICQ members within the Ukraine or Russia generally, for chats etc. If anybody is interested, I would be pleased to hear from you, Best Wishes, George Krooglik

Zinovy Katz - 05/29/98 20:36:59
My Email:zkatz@prodigy.net
Where are you from?: New York, USA


Marina Klyashchitskaya - 05/24/98 08:30:01
My Email:marina_kly@mailcity.com
Where are you from?: San Francisco (left from Odessa in 1997)

I really love it. It's great!!! It's a really great pleasure to find some old friends, klassmates or just try to come back to Odessa..... even through internet........ Thanks a lot!!!

Pasha Berenson - 05/23/98 06:51:13
My Email:pbsun@usa.net
Where are you from?: New York, US

Funny, I was just going to build the same thing. Now i'm gonna have to link. Still a product of an ingenious mind.

Sergey Kireyev - 05/22/98 20:48:18
My Email:sergey.kir@mci2000.com
Where are you from?: il'ichevsk

If anybody knows me i will be glad to respond!

Marina Zolotareva - 05/22/98 07:31:55
My Email:mzolot1@uic.edu
Where are you from?: CHICAGO

I love this page!!!!

Karina Bramer - 05/03/98 20:36:27
My Email:odessa-mama@worldnet.att.net
Where are you from?: Miami, Florida, USA

Ochen' zdorovo, Zemliaki ! ODESSITI VSEH STRAN - SOEDENIAYTES' !!!

Jaime Capo - 04/28/98 12:05:50
My Email:capolevi@mcl.cl
Where are you from?: Santiago, Chile

I loved your site. I'm planning a trip to Odessa later this year, and I'll be visiting your page often.I want to get an idea of what's important to do or see, and what to watch out for. It may sound crazy, but I've decided to marry a Ukrainan woman, but irst I have to meet her. Anybody coming to Chile, please get in touch with me to help you in any way. Jaime Capo

Sasha Mikhaylovsky - 04/24/98 18:18:42
My Email:odessa-mama@worldnet.att.net
Where are you from?: Miami

Love it...

Veniamin Grimblatov - 04/22/98 03:59:22
My Email:Botsman77@AOL.com
Where are you from?: Odessit in Brooklyn ,New York

cool page guys. keep doing it. u r doing a great job.

Anatoli Yakushau - 04/21/98 15:18:14
My Email:iakoush@sosny.bas-net.by
Homepage Name: n/a
Where are you from?: Minsk, Belarus

Anybody who graduated from school No 1 or Odessa Technology Institute name after Lomonosov, please, let me know.

Alina Chernayenko - 04/17/98 20:02:03
My Email:acherna@u.washington.edu
Where are you from?: Odessa

I attended school #90 in Odessa, and left in 1989. Would like to find my schoolmates

Masha Kaminskaya - 04/07/98 06:02:07
My Email:mashak@sfsu.edu
Where are you from?: San Francisco, originaly Odessa

Would love to hear from anyone who knows me, especially from people from school 3 on Tolstoy street. love Masha

Samuil (Sam) Targan - 03/17/98 21:15:17
My Email:samtar@flash.net
Where are you from?: San Francisco

It's a good idea to connect all Odessites and Odessa sites. Thank you. I'm an editor of San Francisco magazine "Odessit". It is 15 months old. I would like to check if my message reached you. Waiting for response. Sincerely, Sam.

Natasha Nechiporenko - 03/14/98 01:52:02
My Email:nnechiporenko@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Ukraine, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

I have not been home almost for one year. I miss Ukraine, Odessa, my town. There is not the better place in the whole world than this. And I am really sorry that realized it when I had already left it. But one day I will come back to see this place again.

Larisa Bogdanova - 02/28/98 21:25:57
My Email:larisa23@aol.com
Where are you from?: Pittsburgh Pa USA

If my name rings a bell to anyone please e-mail me. Thank you.

Gennadiy Makhlyagin - 02/13/98 04:06:17
My Email:odessa6@prodigy.net
Where are you from?: I am from Odessa. Now live in USA

Love my City

D.J.Guerrero - 01/31/98 06:06:16
My Email:djgungho1776@webtv.net
Where are you from?: Fargo, North Dakota

Odessa is a pearl of a city. Will be moving there this year. CAN'T WAIT....

Yana Gribun - 01/16/98 21:09:36
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Library/6260
My Email:yanochka@aol.com
Homepage Name: Yana & Chris' Home Page
Where are you from?: Boston, Massachusetts, USA (formerly from Odessa)

Would love to hear from anybody who knows me. Always looking for lost friends.

luykx Herlinda - 01/11/98 15:35:55
My URL:http://www.isabel.be/
My Email:her@leo.lim
Homepage Name: yente
Where are you from?: Belgium

Desperatly seeking Svetlana Bugrova .....
str Bunina 29 ap 8 a .....Odessa .
Please Svetta you can find me on the geochatcities site. i'm always talking in to broadway chat room . during the week at 1900 hours and in the weekend in the afternoon.. ..if you can't find me place an E-mail on this site so i can read it.. my nick name on the chat site is yente please verry important.. i'm waiting impatiently.. bey bey my dear

Randolph L. Fulton - 12/13/97 09:44:22
My Email:randyful@sprintmail.com
Where are you from?: USA/\SilverSpring Maryland

Their is a lady who lives in Odessa she is my friend I would like for someone i Odessa to contact her via her friend Alex his phone number is 380 482 263987 her name is Nadya Tsurkal and she lives at Sq.sobornay 1, fl.69, Odessa, Ukraine 270021. I am in hopes she can make another friend who has a computer so I can keep closer in touch with her. So if any ICQ buddy's could help please do. Thanks

Andrey Aminov - 12/10/97 17:09:31
My Email:s2amamin@atlas.vcu.edu
Where are you from?: Richmond,VA, USA

I attended the high school #130 in Len-Poselok and I was hoping to find someone who went to my school. Sadly I did not find anybody. I like you page a lot, thank for not letting people like me die from nostalgia!

Tristan Trefoil Ruusunen - 12/07/97 20:42:34
My Email:ai-ai@uiah.fi
Where are you from?: Helsinki, Finland

Does anyone know Anna Stupnicova? Please, email me, I´d like to continue our friendship! Tristan

Lyashenko Liliya - 11/30/97 01:17:51
My Email:smartway@juno.com
Where are you from?: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / USA

I would like to find classmates and friends from School No.52 ( 1983 - 1994 )

Los Igor - 11/25/97 03:07:40
My Email:smartway@juno.com
Where are you from?: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / USA

I would be glad to hear from someone who presently attendes of the "Odesskiy Medicinskiy Universitet im. N.I. Piragova"

Los Igor - 11/25/97 02:40:27
My Email:smartway@juno.com
Where are you from?: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / USA

I would love to hear from former classmates and teachers from the "Odesskoe Medicinskoe Uchilische No.3" ( 1985 to 1989 )

Galina - 11/24/97 16:17:45
My Email:spasi@erols.com
Homepage Name: none
Where are you from?: Washington, DC

I liked your music pages. Do you think that you could put the lyrics to the songs? Also, I am surprised that you think on Odessa as being only two centuries old. What about the earlier history of the area? Pozdrav od Galina

Edik Berdichevsky - 11/23/97 18:45:32
My Email:soloma29@mail.idt.net
Where are you from?: Chicago

Would be thrilled to respond to anyone who remembers me back from the good old days!!! I graduated from School #68 and 'Neftyanoi Texnuikym' in mid- 70s having left for US in '78.

Elina Nudelman - 10/29/97 20:24:20
My Email:erbritman@ucdavis.edu
Where are you from?: Davis, CA

I LOVE this page. However, please, put some more pictures of Odessa. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and pictures are the best way to show it. Thank you and good luck. Lina

George Loflin - 10/16/97 18:50:45
My URL:http://home1.gte.net/gloflin/index.htm
My Email:gloflin@gte.net
Homepage Name: George Loflins Homepage
Where are you from?: Seattle, Washington, USA

I was raised in Odessa, Texas, USA and plan to visit your city someday soon.

Dmitriy Voloshin - 09/22/97 03:44:09
My Email:dvoloshin@msn.com

Malyshka, ty geniy. Eto potryasno!

Professor Robert Collier - 09/17/97 03:31:23
My Email:bobcollier@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Poughkeepsie, New York 12601 USA

I am looking for Svetlana Sorocheva, engineer-economist from Odessa, Ukraine. I want to offer my friendship. E-mail me if she is interested. Thank You

Bob Collier - 09/15/97 14:35:37
My Email:bobcollier@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: New York

I am impressed with the progress and the logic of the system. It has many possibilities.

Paladin7 - 08/29/97 05:16:21
My URL:http://www2.gain-ny.com/~rem
My Email:paladin7@metrocity.net
Where are you from?: DAl.net

Looks Realy Great! I Like it a lot. Too bad I'm not from Odessa :(

Scott Lantz - 07/28/97 18:58:21
My Email:ScottL1569@aol.com
Where are you from?: Ft. Wayne, In.

Interested in visiting Odessa a beautiful city any E-mail welcome

Oleg Nikiforov - 07/19/97 23:00:18
My Email:ppi@lanet.lv
Where are you from?: Latvia

We can be friends!


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