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  • June 1, 2003
    Added 338 people to the list and modified 51 older listings. Updated links in the school and general sections. Updated votes in the culture and general sections.
  • March 21, 2002
    Added 123 people to the list and modified 25 older listings. Updated votes in the help Odessa and newspaper links sections.
  • November 15, 2001
    Added 84 people to the list and modified 10 older listings. Updated links in the school links and newspaper links sections.

    The Odessa Pages began in April of 1997 as a listing of people who are in some way connected to Odessa, Ukraine. It was designed to be helpful to those who are searching for their friends or loved ones. However, it has grown quite a bit since then.

    Now you can search the listing of people on Odessa Pages by their last name, their current location, year of birth or the school they attended in Odessa. Or view a list of people who have icq.

    Odessa Pages also has a bulletin board for those looking for someone or something in particular, and a Java-based chat room where people can talk in real time. If you find and old friend, or make a new one, send them a postcard with a picture of Odessa.

    There is also a links section where you can browse the Odessa related links, and let everyone know what you think about them by voting. Or you can try the webring section, the purpose of which is to connect the homepages that are in any way related to Odessa.

    To find out more about the history of Odessa or about the works of famous Odessans, take a look at the books section.

    If you are lost or have questions about this website, there's a list of frequently asked questions and a site map in the new help section. If you don't find the answers to your questions there, or if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site e-mail me.

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