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I have come accross many sites that simply give you a huge listing of links. However, you have no way of knowing where that link will take you or how good the site where you end up will be. On this Odessa Links page, the sites are divided into several categories which make it easier for you to find exactly the sites that you want to see.

Schools - a listing of schools, universities and other educational insititutions that have any kind of representation on the web.

Newspapers - online versions of newspapers or magazines related to Odessa.

Photo tours - photo tours of the "pearl by the sea".

Culture - links to theaters, museums, and expositions in Odessa.

Reference - yellow pages, white pages, maps, train schedules and other useful links.

General - websites about Odessa containing history, photos, stories, etc.

Help Odessa - sites of charitable organizations in Odessa.

You can also vote (the voting will be kept strictly confidential) for the quality of the websites listed here. The average for each site here is shown next to each listing. If you notice that a link does not work or would like suggest another Odessa-related website that fits into one of the above categories, please e-mail me with the site name and the URL.

Note: the links that are not based in US may take a very long time to load, please be patient.


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