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Odessans of the world unite!!! Odessans of the world unite!!!

Odessa Ring

I started the Odessa Ring in 1997 and it has been growing slowly but surely since then. I would like to invite you to join it and connect with other Odessa related websites.

What are webrings?
A webring is exactly what it's called - a ring of websites. Each site contains a link to the next site, and if you follow them, you will eventually end up where you started. How soon will you get there? This depends on the size of the ring.

Why would I want to join?
Being a part of a webring helps your site get more exposure, and you are more likely to get visitors that are interested in Odessa and related subjects. You will also be able to find more sites about Odessa and people who used to live there.

Do I qualify?
In order to qualify to be in this ring, you have to either be from Odessa, Ukraine originally, or have a page of content in some way related to Odessa.


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